Metin Mertan was born in December 1977 in Istanbul. In 1992, he entered the newly opened Graphic Department at the Printing Press Vocational High School with the advice of his private teacher at the last minute and became one of the first graduates of the department, he was interested in music as an amateur for a while with his close friend. Later, he studied Graphic Design at Beykent University, on the other hand, he worked as the Graphic Design and Institutional Design Officer in the Secretariat of Institutes and the Public Relations Department at the Eminönü Campus, where the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce turned into a University.

Honorary; He attended classes in "Desktop Publishing" and "Advertising" departments. Later, he left there and worked at Advertising Agencies as a Designer and Executive Design and Visual Design Officer at Organization and Event Agencies. From the Launch of Medical Companies to the Congress and the  
Well-Known Holdings of the Sector, it has followed the process from Event Design to field activity and on-site applications and has carried out
customer-oriented works.


• Corporate Identity Design
• Corporate Logo / Identity / Animation
• Corporate Web Design
• Concept and Key Visual Application and Development
• 3D Design and Visualization
• Event Architecture and Application Processes
• Architectural Design and Visualization
• Stage Decoration and Event Design 


  +90 530 343 4108


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